Majella Wins Kids Who Give WA Award!

Thursday, 23 October 2014 06:56

Majella has been awarded the Kids Who Give WA award for ‘Best Giving Project 2014’ in a special presentation on Wednesday 22nd October. The school was awarded a certificate, trophy and cheque for $1000 for their unique and generous “Majella Helping Hands” initiative.

The School Board, Mrs Tonya McCusker – the founder and chair of Kids Who Give WA, Mrs Maggie May – Acting Principal of Gladys Newton School (GNS) and a selection of GNS staff and students, were on hand for the presentation. Kids Who Give WA is a program that encourages and nurtures the social conscience of young people, and celebrates and rewards outstanding acts of care, kindness and giving by young Western Australians.

Earlier this year, the students from Majella were inspired and humbled by the act of kindness by Sean Levy and his family and as a result, undertook the challenge of finding ways to ‘pay it forward’ within the community. Through the leadership of Year 5 teacher Mrs Michelle Ielati, the Majella Helping Hands initiative was born.

Gladys Newton School is a school for the physically and intellectually disabled ranging from 8 years of age through to 18. Over the past two terms, a group of 5-10 volunteer students from years 4, 5 or 6 at Majella, began visiting Gladys Newton School each Friday for an hour to help in whatever way they could, including craft, small group activities or riding bikes along the bike track.

The partnership has been going now for two terms and the students at Majella continue to get more out of the visits than they give. The ‘Majella Helping Hands’ project allows them the opportunity to do something for the people in the community they live. Although Majella students may not have material goods or money to offer, they embraced the giving of time, friendship and a smile.

It was fantastic to have Mrs Tonya McCusker and Kids Who Give WA acknowledge the generosity and kindness of the students at Majella. However, without the cooperation of the staff of Gladys Newton, this partnership would not have been possible.

Sean would be very proud that Majella has been able to even slightly repay some of his kindness through this wonderful giving project. We look forward to continuing the relationship with Gladys Newton School and looking for further opportunities to ‘pay it forward’ within the wider community.