Sean Levy - an inspiration to us all

Monday, 19 May 2014 03:29

Every child at Majella Catholic Primary School has received two pairs of shiny new shoes, thanks to the efforts of teenager Sean Levy.  This is a story that will inspire.

A special assembly was held at Majella on 6 May, 2014, to celebrate the dream and achievement of one inspirational young man.

In June of 2013, a Yr 11 student from John XXII College came to visit Majella with his classmates. The boy, whose name is Sean, came away from our school deeply moved by his encounter with our students. He had a longing to share something with Majella students; to do something; to give something; to help make a difference.

Sean was challenged by a question, “What is it to be human?”

Like Jesus, Sean wanted to share God’s love and compassion with others. Like our Australian Saint, Mary of the Cross MacKillop, Sean saw a need and wanted to do something about it.

In just under one year, Sean’s vision became a reality! With the help of his family, he devised a plan to give some worthwhile practical help to all Majella students.
The Majella community is in awe of the generosity of Sean, his siblings and parents, friends and associates who worked so hard to establish the ‘Deserving Shoes’ project and to bring it to fruition. They raised funds (in fact $15 800), liaised with businesses, sacrificed their own time…all for the sake of our Majella students.

Recently, Pope Francis was quoted as saying, “It is a wonderful thing to be God’s faithful people. We achieve fulfilment when we break down walls and our heart is filled with faces and names”. Our hope is that the faces and names of the Majella children fill the heart of Sean just as his name and that of his family and friends are certainly in our hearts.

As a community, Majella is deeply appreciative of the support given to ‘Deserving Shoes’ by Bata Australia, John XXIII College and all those who gave to the project. Their generosity has allowed our students to receive a wonderful, practical gift. They will walk very proudly in their new shoes!

As followers of Jesus, we are called to be his witnesses throughout the world. Our hope is that our Majella students will be inspired by Sean’s example of being Christ to others.